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1550 Larmier Street, Suite 774
Denver, CO 80202

The Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club was formed in April 2015 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization for the education and scholarship of those associated with pipeline engineering, construction, and operation. 


The Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club (RMPC) was formed in April of 2015 as a 501(c)(6) to promote the advancement of the oil and natural gas industry in all aspects of pipeline engineering, construction and operation in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Headquartered centrally in Denver, Colorado, the RMPC has a presence throughout the entire Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, North Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona. At the core of the RMPC are the community outreach programs and charity events we hold to fund scholarships for education in science, technology, and engineering.

It is our belief that the most important commodity in our industry is our workforce. We serve our members and constituents in a number of ways, but the club’s primary purpose is to provide scholarships to men and women looking to advance their careers through education. We differentiate ourselves in that we support licensed field workers as much or more than degreed professional employees.

Our fundraising efforts provide scholarships of up to $2,000 to diesel mechanics, pipe fitters, electricians and other essential technical field support personnel so they may move from a welder to a weld inspector, for example, or from support staff to a certified diesel mechanic, through licensing and certification courses.  These licenses and certifications can take an employee from an $8/hour job to a $30/hour job and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.  We find that there aren’t many scholarships available for the blue collar employees that easily make up 50% or more of our industry’s work force. We fill that gap and have found enormous support in our community.

Club Leadership (2019/2020)

board of directors

Board Member

Scott Coppersmith - Mears Group

Board Member

Brian Guarneros - Antero Midstream

Board Member

Jack Hamlin - Summit Engineering

Board Member

Erik Smith - Tallgrass Energy

Board Member

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Josh Stevens - 3Bear Energy

Vice President

Jon Uresk - Granite Peak Group

Nick Borrego - Kinder Morgan


Evan Randall - Holland & Hart LLP


Andrew Glenn - Beatty & Wozniak, P.C.

Committee Chairs

Event Advertising

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Special EVENT Chairs


Michael Vialpando - Kinder Morgan

Nick Borrego - Kinder Morgan


Erica Jeung - MDM

Keith Venable - WHC Energy Services


Jack Hamlin - Summit Engineering

Keith Venable - WHC Energy Services

Summer barbecue

Jack Hamlin - Summit Engineering

Broncos Tailgate

Michael Palmer - Eagle Pipe

Erica Jeung - MDM Consulting

Erica Archuletta - Goldenfield Services

Keith Venable - TRC Construction


Luke Coats - Method Flow Products

Matt Howard - LW Survey

Chris Laughner - Platte River Inspection

CORPORATE Fundraising

Amy Fotenos - Kleinfelder

Bob Hampton - Focus Energy Advisors


Brook Kimber - Sunland Construction


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Greg Downs - Tetra Tech

Ned Southwick - Ashcor

Erica Jeung - MDM Consulting

Luke Coats - Method Flow

Erica Archuletta - Goldenfield Services

WEBSITE Maintenance

Ashlie Rowley - Kahuna


Ashleigh Ellis - Mammoth Carbon

Keith Venable - WHC Energy Services

Marketing & Community Outreach

Pari Amanlou - Andeavor

Michael Palmer - Eagle Pipe

Corey Staley - Integrity Inspection

Keith Venable - WHC Energy Services